5 Tips for Creating Strong Video Content for Digital Marketing

Start with a Reason

Producing a video merely for the sake of producing a video isn’t good enough. As with all good content, it’s important that you have a clear purpose for producing it. Maybe it’s informative, maybe it’s social, maybe it’s pointed or prescient, or maybe it exists for the sake of art. Your reason is really going to depend on your audience. Why will they enjoy watching it? What will they get out of it?

Don’t be Afraid to Go off Script

Since these videos are a kind of personal point of contact, a way for a potential customer to engage with a brand, the engagement needs to feel organic. Laying out some talking points is one thing, but rigidly adhering to a script can come off as inauthentic and mechanical. It’s not giving a great impression of a natural interaction.

Be Consistent with Video Content

So since your videos are an extension of yourself, you’ll want to be sure that they all stay in character, so to speak. That might mean a particular quality of lighting, or a type of camera angle. Will these be shot from a GoPro, or a cell phone, or a full scale film camera? Are you going to talk to the camera, or will the narration be superimposed over images and clips? Have you established a particular style of dress, if you’re going to be seen?

Keep it Short and Sweet

Videos should be as long as they need to be, but not one minute longer. Broadly speaking, the sweet spot is between about seven and fifteen minutes. Some video essays can certainly be longer, but viewership will begin to taper off heavily after even the first few minutes. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for someone to keep up with the steady stream of content that we’re all exposed to, so it’s natural to skip around or to curtail a video that seems to have made its point.

Tell a Good Story

It’s of the utmost importance that your video content, like all good content, tell a story. That doesn’t necessarily mean it requires a plot, per se. Keith’s video, from earlier, was explaining workout techniques. But the narrative element is a human one. The narrative arc is about betterment, and inspiration. It gives its viewers the tools to improve their bodies or their training, and it inspires them to put them to use. It’s uplifting.

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