Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Inbound Link Reports But Were Afraid to Ask

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

“Authority” refers to the reputation or trust-worthiness of a site. Generally, sites with higher authority will rank more highly for a particular search query, and they will be more likely to be sourced for a “featured snippet” (those excerpts you sometimes see which provide a quick answer to your search).

Is There Any Value in a NoFollow Link?

A “nofollow” tag on a link instructs crawlers not to pursue it when indexing the hosting page. Thus, it doesn’t directly contribute to your link network as far as search engines are concerned. Conventional wisdom has always been that these links are essentially worthless, but that doesn’t take the discussion far enough.

Anchor Text

When you embed a link beneath a phrase (ahem… “Great Link Building Tips for SEO!”) the choice of phrase matters. That’s called “anchor text” in that it describes the text to which your link is connected. That text should be clearly relevant to your content.

Spam Score

This section is a little fuzzy, and it’s one of the only metrics that leans so heavily on the subjective side.

Colibri Digital Marketing

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