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LinkedIn is an important platform that can take your business to the next level. The way you present your organization on LinkedIn serves as the first impression for others, which is why it is crucial to have a profile that is representative of your organization! At Colibri Digital Marketing we run a LinkedIn audit for all of our clients to ensure their pages are flawless and help create a strong strategy for their brand. In this article, you can find the key points that you should consider as you perfect your LinkedIn page.


When someone clicks on your profile, very often the first thing they pay attention to is the “About” sections. This is why it is beneficial to ensure that you optimize the “About” info on your page. Some of the key information that gets forgotten is:

  • Phone number
  • Specialties
  • Tagline
  • Featured groups

Other things such as creating a social media policy for your team, with uniform headshots and job descriptions will help present a better, more professional “About You” image to the rest of LinkedIn.


As cliche as the saying is, a picture is truly worth 1000 words. Your profile picture and cover picture can sometimes convey more about your brand than the About section! When conducting a LinkedIn audit, always double-check to make sure you have a professional profile image, and professional cover images.

The profile image should include the organization’s logo or some other easily identifiable characteristic. The cover image should be tailored to the brand and target customers. For example, a fashion brand can use the cover image to display its collections and inspirations!


After your profile is set up and ready to be seen by the public, the second layer would be the actual content your organization wants to present to the rest of LinkedIn. Generating cohesive content for an entire organization may seem intimidating, but we have some tips and steps that everyone can follow:

The very first step is deciding on 5–6 content pillars the brand should have. Some examples we recommend are:

  • Team highlights
  • News about your organization
  • Values and commitment to the community
  • History of the brand
  • Partnerships and co-creators
  • Industy news

After the content pillars, other preparations your company can do would be conducting hashtag research. Hashtag research involves generating a detailed spreadsheet with applicable and relevant hashtags for the brand that would attract more attention from the public. Every hashtag you choose should fit into your content pillars and be aligned with your brand messaging.

Rather than posting at sporadic times, crafting a posting calendar for a month can help keep the content organized. Dedicating a specific pillar for each day of the week and posting them at optimal times of the day is a great way to achieve wider outreach on your LinkedIn posts.


LinkedIn may seem confusing, but it is just like any other social media platform! Posting quality content consistently is the best way to utilize LinkedIn to your organization’s advantage.
If you are ready to take your brand’s LinkedIn profile to the next stage, follow these steps in the article. There are also other blogs that can help improve your brand’s social media presence. If you would like more advice on LinkedIn, social media, or marketing in general, schedule a consultation with Colibri Digital Marketing today!



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