How to Use Pinterest for Marketing | ANNACOLIBRI

  • Benefit your business
  • Be used for marketing and provide some
  • Pinterest pro tips

How Pinterest Builds Your Business

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Promoting engagement
  • Providing awesome market research opportunities and
  • Telling your brand story through images
  • Appealing to women and
  • Visually interesting

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

  1. Set up a business account. Having a business account means, among other things, that you can feature your website right on your profile. In order to enable Pinterest Web Analytics, you must verify your site.
  2. Engagement. Pinterest is a great venue for contests. Here is a great post about how to hold a contest on Pinterest.
  3. Research. Look at how people are pinning your images. Because pins can be pinned and re-pinned, you can find out how other people contextualize your products. Of course, you can also do searches on Pinterest to find out about competing products.
  4. Pinterest SEO. Use keywords and hashtags to help your pins become “findable.”
  5. Pinterest Web Analytics. Pinterest has great web analytics and lots of tutorials to go with it. Watch this Pinterest Web Analytics tutorial to get started.

Pinterest Pro Tips

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Anna Colibri

I work to make the web a more beautiful, accessible, and functional place. I use dreams as a form of planning. And I play because it’s fun.