LinkedIn Strategies for Beginners

  • Network
  • Research industry trends
  • Position themselves as thought leaders
  • Generate leads and
  • Sell products

LinkedIn Quick Facts

  • Launch date: May 5, 2003
  • Total number of LinkedIn users: 467 million+ users
  • Number of countries and territories LinkedIn is available to: 200
  • Percent female users: 44
  • Percent male users: 57
  • Percentage of millionaires using LinkedIn: 44
  • Visit-to-lead conversion rate: 4 times higher than other social media platforms
  • Growth: Every second, 2 new people join LinkedIn

What’s So Special About LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is important for your social strategy because it’s the social channel used by the greatest number of senior decision makers. The average CEO has 930 connections on LinkedIn, on average. This means that, when you are prospecting, you’ll be able to connect with them more easily than you would on, say, Facebook (where people go for entertainment).

How to Get Started

Start by uploading your résumé and researching your industry to look for the words people use to describe your profession or industry. Use those words in your profile header and summary.

Top 3 Strategies For Finding New Customers

Here are some effective ways to find customers on LinkedIn:

  • Browse your network. When you are considering targeting certain types of leads, go to your own network. You can request introductions to people who are separated by a degree or two of separation.
  • Saved searches. Creating saved searches and alerts means that whenever someone new in your target area joins LinkedIn, you will be among the first to know. You can reach out to them with something helpful — always a winning strategy when you are trying to build trust and convert leads into prospect.

LinkedIn Lead Generation System

Start by using a scheduling app like HootSuite and schedule 4 posts per day, including:

  • An industry update or, if you are a blogger, a relevant blog post
  • Regular promotions such as downloads, special events, or complimentary consultations
  • Motivational, inspirational, or fun quotes — even on LinkedIn things that make people laugh get more clicks

Sample LinkedIn Schedule

Use the following suggestions as inspirations so you can create your own LinkedIn systems and schedules.


Check LinkedIn for responses to your posts and add fresh content using your “Share on LinkedIn” app (see above).


Using HootSuite, schedule a weeks’ worth of posts, spread evenly throughout the day (post most important content in the morning when people are most likely to be on LinkedIn). Include personal updates, your original content or a link to valuable, industry-specific content, something promotional, and an inspiring quote, image or video.


Research and update your groups making sure they reflect the people you are trying to reach. Be sure to update your profile with new projects or achievements. Research your industry so you can stay fresh and reach out to people in your network and schedule a phone or in person meeting. You never know what the results will be!


Consider a new profile photo. Times change and so do you!

Bonus Tips

Here are a few bonus tips in case you don’t have enough to do:

  • Apply for jobs fast: Use the LinkedIn mobile app and edit your applications on the fly.
  • Generate a hard copy resume using resume builder:
  • Keywords: Update your profile with the specific keywords used in job descriptions if you are job searching
  • Privacy settings: If you are networking or generating leads make sure people can see your profile



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