Ultimate Strategy for A Good Digital Marketing Plan

  • Create better content so that viewers stay on your channel. Since “Time spent on the channel” is the key ranking factor so be aware of this while you plan and create content.
  • Use keywords in your video title.
  • Use keywords in your description. A description is like a prelude that can entice your viewers to click on your link and improve your Click-Through Rate (CTR).
  • Use thumbnails to attracts more clicks.
  • Use “cards” to suggest other videos to reduce your bounce rate.
  • Understand your audiences’ demographics, locations, preferences and expectations.
  • Discover the pain point. Since your business is all about solving your customers’ problems, you have to find out how you can help them by solving their problems.
  • Go deep into their psychological and emotional needs so that you can craft a better strategy to communicate with them.
  • Look at the Google audience report to understand your audiences’ digital behavior.

Execute your plan:

Be flexible:

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