We are going to look at all the different forms of digital marketing and how to incorporate B Corp values into each. Each section includes thought-provoking questions to see if you are on track to building a better future. Let’s get into it!


There are many purposes of social media. Most brands are on social media to increase brand exposure, buildrecognition, and engage with their audience. We often get wrapped up in the likes, comments and follower count, but there’s more to social media than likes.


SEO has a bit of a shady reputation, but you can easily avoid falling into that trap with responsible SEO and B Corp practices. Transparency is a B Corp value that can help you practice responsible SEO.


The key to using B Corp marketing tactics in branding is to, once again, be transparent. Branding your product as sustainable if it is not does not align with B Corp values. If you are in the process of making your product sustainable, reflect that in your brand messaging instead of stretching the truth to say what you think your audience wants to hear.


Create content that’s valuable. Yes, it’s as easy as that. Create content for good. Don’t write something you don’t believe in because you think people will like it. Write about things you believe in.


The best B Corp friendly marketing tactic for email marketing is to be transparent. For one, don’t hide the unsubscribe button or use click bait in your subject line to get people to open your email. Instead, be honest. Highlight ways for your subscribers to get involved in doing business for good. To create a personal connection, show them how you do what you do, what challenges you have faced, and the mistakes you have made Transparency will help build your community.


B Corporations believe “we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.” It is important to keep that belief in mind in every area of digital marketing. In order for you to succeed, others need to be able to succeed as well. Stretching the truth about what you do to appear as the first result on Google will hurt others and prevent you from growing your business. By being transparent, it’s easy to market your brand while also making space for others to thrive.



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Anna Colibri

Anna Colibri

I work to make the web a more beautiful, accessible, and functional place. I use dreams as a form of planning. And I play because it’s fun.