Why Digital Marketers Are At Risk For Burnout

How Can Managers Address Burnout?

A lot of burnout blogs and stories in the media advise changes you as an individual can make to prevent or remedy your own burnout. Common advice includes managing your exercise and sleep habits, and learning new coping strategies such as yoga and meditation. While changes to your personal habits and routines can certainly help you become more resilient against burnout, they do nothing to address the actual areas of your work that are causing your stress in the first place. Burnout prevention and remediation begins and ends with organizational change.

  • Cynicism: unfeeling and impersonal responses toward coworkers, customers, or other people involved in work.
  • Professional Efficacy: feelings of competence and successful achievement in work.
  • Control: opportunity to make choices and decisions, to solve problems, and to contribute to the fulfillment of responsibilities. Control is the participation in important decisions about work as well as range of professional autonomy.
  • Reward: recognition — financial and social — received for contribution on the job. Reward includes praise, awards, perks, and salary.
  • Community: quality of the social context at work, encompassing relationships with managers, colleagues, subordinates, and others.
  • Fairness: extent to which the organization has consistent and equitable rules for everyone, or the quality of justice and respect at work.
  • Values: what matters most to the individual in their work. The focus is the consistency between personal values and organizational values.

My Team Is Experiencing Burnout — What Now?

Your team’s burnout was caused by organizational problems and therefore the solution rests in deliberate organizational change. For example, if Workload is one of your major pain points, you can implement strategies to increase headcount for your team or dedicate systematic uninterrupted work hours. Or if a major pain point is Control, you can create a system to intervene in situations where employees feel micromanaged. Luckily, there are solutions to strengthen every work environment domain measured by the AWS — some simple and others more complex. The AWS + MBI Group Report from Mind Garden lists intervention suggestions for each work area and is a great resource for designing your burnout solutions.



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